Thank you for information about Green Map System.

I will be happy to answer your questions.

> Your Name

Toyotoshi AZETA

> School or Club Name

Nishinomiya-Kofu High School

> Complete Address

7-43,Tateishi-cho,Nishinomiya-City,Hyogo prefecture, Japan

zip code 662-0943

> Telephone


> Fax


> Email:

> Do you have a website? What is the URL?

My website (Japanese only)

school website (English

and Japanese version)

> Is your area urban / suburban / rural?


> Area(s) to be Green Mapped (please be as specific as possible):

southern part of Nishinomiya-City

> How many maps will be created? one / up to five / up to

> twelve / more / unsure


> Planned map formats: printed / web-based / one big map / kiosk /

> other (describe)


> Do you have a target completion date? If yes, when?

In December 2002.

> Is the project being undertaken as part of an environmental club

> (extra-curricular) activity or is it a class activity? How much class

> time (weeks/semesters) will you set aside for the project?

a class activity

I will set aside two times per week.

> How many teachers and students are participating?

Two teachers and thirteen students

> What are the ages/grade levels of the participating students?

@17-19 years old students come mainly.

> Will you have your students fill out our pre- and post-

> project survey?

Yes, I will.

> Will your class use a computer for this project?

Yes, I will.

> Will you need a digital (Disk) copy of the Green Map Icon font?

> If so, which format? PC / Mac

Yes, I will.

OS is Windows XP.

> Which materials do you plan to use from the Green Map System website?

gGlobal Icon Poster in Englishh

> Are students using the internet to view our website and other sites

> to enhance their ecological understanding?

Yes, they are.

> Will students write narrative descriptions of each site investigated?

Yes, they will.

> Will students interview members of the community to help locate

> important sites and improve general map content?

Yes, they will.

> Will students visually document the area (drawings, photos, other)?

Yes, they will.

> Please add a brief paragraph about your project's goals, themes,

> methodology and expected outcomes.

My projectfs theme is that students learn their local area with an

ecological viewpoint.

I look forward to a digital (Disk) copy of the Green Map Icon font.

Best, wishes.