So exciting to have copies of your map here, Azeta-san!! It looks beautiful! The students did a great job & I love the light & colorful way it looks. I will show it to my NYU students today, for inspiration. The scale is very good & the icons look great in color, as do the carefully chosen images. Its great! Please congratulate the kids !

We are also excited that yours is the very first Green Map to use the new Logo! it's historical!!

How maps were printed and how were they distributed? Has there been a good reaction? I hope you will tell me a bit about lessons learned during this project (in Japanese or English). Thanks much.

I also thank you for sending images of the kids at work. Some are dark & hard to put online, but if you have one or 2 more pictures, please send them over. Your work on this project is very important!!

much appreciation, Wendy