Hello Mapmakers,

Time is flying here! This week went by too quickly, but I wanted to let you know some news:

We have a new project in Japan, Welcome to Toyotoshi AZETA, who will be working with his students at Nishinomiya-Kofu High School. Their goal is to complete the project in 2002!

We also have a newly "re-started" project in central Scotland, where Adrian Kitchen is now working with the new Local Environmental Information Network to chart Falkirk, Stirling, Clackmannan. Adrian has been part of our network for a long time, and we're happy that things have now fallen together for mapmaking to move to the forefront.

Like Leonardo Mello in Campinas, many of us face an uneven road ahead when we initiate Green Map projects, for personal, community or national/international reasons... I thank you and Ian Oeser in Sacramento too, for sharing thoughts, ideas and support towards the better common future we all dream about every day. I look forward to hearing more of your comments on how this work furthers global understanding, peace and justice. And thanks also for replying to Bob's email about youth projects!

One Mapmaker who is almost ready to go public is Terje Torkildsen who will soon be announcing the first Norwegian Green Map's been published on the web! I think the Stavenger Green Map looks great (had a sneak preview), so I'm looking forward to seeing it! Terje also sent some very interesting info on the European Commission Environmental Communication Initiative - Bob will be writing to some of the European Mapmakers about it soon, or let me know if you want to see it sooner than that.

Many thanks to all the Mapmakers who have been sending in Maps (or offered to)! -- Copenhagen, Singapore, Setagaya, Pittsburgh, Pune, Toronto, and I know I am missing someone, but thanks so much!! We sent a small exhibit to Los Angeles this weekend including these and more! Thanks to Isabelle Duvivier for setting that up & to Jason King in Portland for sending their cool Green Map Tshirts for the event!

Thanks so much to supporting Mapmakers, too, since April, the list includes: Kirk & Joan Gastinger in Kansas City, TJ Moore in Seattle, Katy Wiedel & NJ Meadowlands and Terje Torkildsen in Stavenger Norway -- if you belong on the list of supporters and somehow we overlooked you, I'm sorry, but please let me know right away! We are updating the website and want to properly credit you! Thanks also Dom Williamson of Cornwall, Masahiro Horiuchi of Tokyo, Hiroshi Uemura of Kameoka City, Adrian Kitchen of central Scotland and Janet Felsten of Baltimore for their support of GMS!

Many thanks to all! this is wonderful and we hope that your weekends are good all over the world. More news soon on Bellagio and 300 other things we are doing together!

best, Wendy