I'm happy to say, preparations for Bellagio are on track. We have

received great summaries from all participants & also from Jason King

of Portland. We'll make it available to all in December (more of you

can add your summaries after that). We're excited that so many will

be bringing brand new Green Maps, videos, outreach tools, press

clips, etc. & we know it will be a rich & wonderful experience for

all Mapmakers, present or future! We will send another message to you

all before / from Italy and if you have something you would like us

to bring/show/read while the 23 of us are gathered together, please

do so!

Welcome to our newest Mapmaker, Mitsuhiko Usami, who is leading a 14

person team in 3 connected small towns, Ichunomiya-city, Bisai-city,

and Nisogawa-town, Aichi, Japan (this is near Nagoya). They plan to

publish in about a year. We are also happy to say that in

Nishinomiya, JP, Azeta Toyotoshi's high school students have

completed and exhibited their first Green Map last week! The large

scale map was place flat on a table top & all around were panels with

photos of Green Sites with students notes, etc. 80 sheets of paper

were used to show it all! Next, they will be adding this project to

their website, so we can all see it. I have very nice digtial images

from this project, congrats to all involved in this successful effort!